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Should My 2nd Grader Play K-2 or U9?

First and foremost,

Hampton Lacrosse does not cut players from any teams. 

This season we are excited that K2 Lacrosse will be partnering with HYA.  HYA provides a great way to grow the K2 program and keep costs reasonable. 

 So whether your child plays K2 or U9 as a 2nd grader is not a reflection of their lacrosse ability.  U9 runs from late March to Early June. U9 practices 1-2 times per week and plays game on Saturdays.  K2 runs 6 weeks starting in May.  K2 only meets 1 time per week on Saturday afternoons after 3:00pm.

There are many factors that play into your families decision of what direction to go.

  K2 U9

$40 (estimated)


+Equipment (partial)

$100 Registration

$50 Uniform

$25 Us Lax Membership

Estimated Costs

+ Full Equipment Costs

 Travel Sacred Heart (Local)

Games: Hampton, Exeter, Durham, Portsmouth, Rye 

Seacoast Area Youth Lacrosse League


Stick, Helmet, Gloves

(Can use a hockey helmet)

Girls equipment is the same for either program

Full Pads, Lacrosse Helmet Required, Gloves, Stick (boys)

Instructive practice based

Small sided instuctive scrimmages as season proceeds.

Fun "non" comptetive-grass roots

Lacrosse Festival

There are no cuts in Hampton Lacrosse

*Ramp Up program for returning players in the works

Weekday practices

Competitive games on weekends, local travel required

Full gear required

Entry into competitive lacrosse 

There are no cuts in Hampton Lacrosse



But 2nd graders usually form a team within the program (boys) 



Saturday Afternoon

Starting after 3pm

Does not conflict with Baseball

Practice Weeknight 1 or 2 times, Games Sat

between 1 and 4 

May conflict with baseball

Each player is different.  There are no cuts in Hampton Lacrosse, so whether your child plays K2 or U9 is not a reflection of their ability.  Time, travel, cost, and your childs desire are factors to consider when deciding between K2 and U9. This is not a make or break decision for their lacrosse career. 

U9 and K2 are relatively new programs in the world of lacrosse.  Kids 8 and under are still young players.  They spend a lot of time picking up dropped balls off the ground. Having a lot of fun and learning to love and respect the game is what is really important with this age group.

A lot of players pick up lacrosse later in their athletic careers and thrive.  An athlete that has played multiple sport usually makes a great lacrosse player!  Skilled players are made by throwing the ball against a wall (outside of practice)!

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